• 3-4-5 December 2020
  • BEC, Goregaon (E), Mumbai

Transforming the GAPS of India's Cold Chain System into OPPORTUNITIES

Some of our eminent speakers

Agenda Day 1


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Welcome Note by Reed Manch


Opening Keynote: Understanding the rise of cold chain Industry -A way towards strengthening the Brand" India

  • Setting the standards & benchmarks for cold chain
  • Role of government and authorities
  • Private and public partnership"


Inaugural Panel Discussion: “Cold Chain: The next big thing in India”- Transforming the gaps into opportunities for the vision 2025.


With a large no of cold chain projects, mega food parks, annual grants, subsidies and tax exemptions, the government is doing its part to propel the cold chain industry into a new orbit. 30%, this industry carries the potential to be the next big thing in India — creating jobs, innovation opportunities, empowering the rural unorganized sector and most importantly making the India brand stronger in global exports of vaccines, drugs and food products. However, still there is a big gap between national perishable production in India and cold chain infrastructure which is leading to approximately 40 percent wastage. This gap is indicative of an incredible opportunity that development of cold chains presents. Moreover, it has the potential to impact every aspect of the Indian economy to achieve the vision 2025.


Session Highlights:

  • Opportunity for the stakeholders in the Cold Chain sector
  • Investment opportunities in the sector
  • Shift from unorganized to organized market
  • Best in class practices, standards and benchmarks and their viability in Indian market
  • Cold Infrastructure and mitigation strategies
  • Government Financial Schemes and FDI for Integrated Cold Chain
  • Promoting clean and energy efficient cold chains
  • Government latest schemes, policies and plans like Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) 2019 and  SAMAPADA Scheme



  • Mohit Khattar, CEO, Graviss Foods (Baskin Robbins)
  • Sangram R Sawant, Founder & CEO, Pescafresh
  • Dr. Rakesh Singh, Chairman, ISCM
  • Shri. Akhil Kumar Gawar, Director, Telangana State Food Processing Society, Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Telangana, India
  • Kunaal Kumar, Founder, Modern Bazaar


Presentation-Next Generation Cold Chain Starts In India


Are you a cold chain customer or a cold storage/transportation provider? 

If so,this is the session to attend as Kii launches the next generation cold chain technology and marketplace for cold chain customers and providers, 

giving ultimate cold chain flexibility and visibility to customers and enhanced monetization possibilities for providers. 


Presenter Name- Phani Pandrangi, SVP & Chief Product Officer, Kii &

Masanari Arai, CEO, Kii



Talk Show Session: A candid conversation with the Industry expert followed by Q&A with the audience 

Addressing Issue- “Skill Gap”- Creating a reformed workforce to elevate India’s standing in the cold chain market globally. (The knowledge gap is most acutely felt in cold-chain, largely as the service sector has yet to develop beyond the previous infrastructure development focus. Appropriate skill-sets are intrinsic to cold chain since such service involves product and cargo specific inputs and continued attention. These skill inputs are addition to those needed in the ordinary supply chain or any other generic logistics activities)


  • Are we failing to skill our youngsters in cold chain Refrigeration Operations
  • Skills of the future- Are institutions of higher learning in line with global trends in the sector?
  • Tackling with skilled workforce shortage & skill upgradation challenge – in the view of technology advancement



  • Nigel Dsouza, Co-Founder & Senior Advisor, Marz India


Presentation: Maximizing your Warehouse Operations with Voice

Advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT has played a significant role in disrupting businesses.  Those in cold chain business are no exception. In this presentation, you will discover the current trends in the warehousing industry, its business impact and how to capitalize on voice solutions in improving productivity


Networking Lunch Break


The Solution Room: 

Meet the expert panel of 3 industry veterans who have accepted the challenge of taking up any questions from the audience. The participants will find great value in bringing their own problems and questions to the room and getting tailored answers from their peers and the expert group 

It will help strengthen the bonds between people, as individuals will realize they are not alone in facing certain industry challenges and how we can overcome it.


Presentation: Sustainable and Energy Efficient Solutions:  Thermal Energy storage based Temperature Control for Cold Storage and Transportation


Presenter Name- Devakar Dhingra, Assistant Manager-International Business, Pluss Advance Technology


Panel Discussion: Bang for the buck: Winning the game of heavy investment, high operating cost and ROI by innovating within the cold chain

(The cold storage business in India has been for a long time neglected and often shunned because of the high costs involved and lack of proper infrastructure; but this attitude is fast changing and more businesses are finding it profitable to set up cold storage units that help producers to preserve their produce for longer durations with the advent of new technologies. Within the cold chain, problems typically happen at multiple handoff points. Today, temperature excursions account for nearly 80 percent of supply chain problems, damaging food products, pharmaceuticals, and flowers. Climate change, increasing transportation costs, driver shortages, and other cold chain disruptions are forcing greater efficiency, not only to prevent spoilage but to maximize profitability)

  • Maximizing the ROI from technology investment
  • Government Policies in cold chain sector in  regards to subsidies & reforms
  • What are the latest and relevant cold chain solutions that are transforming the organized retail stores in emerging economies in India
  • Learning how to implement new technologies in a cost-conscious and compliant way.
  • Accomplishments on use of solar & Renewable Energy in Cold Chain and Industrial Refrigeration 
  • What have we learned from the global cold chain trends, where India stands?
  • Eliminating waste and unnecessary rework” is the ongoing challenge in the cold chain industry, how to minimise the waste and cost with it?

Compliance Standards that meet regulations but are operationally process and cost effective - a joint view


  • Debajit Bhattacharyya, Vice President Procurement , Havmor Ice Cream
  • Amit Dhume, National Head – Logistics, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Divyansh Rathore, Vice President, Future Supply Chain
  • Hemant Naik, VP – Business Strategy & Supply Chain, Natural Icecream
  • Chaitanya Kumar Lingamallu, Co-Founder and CMD, The Chocolate Room
  • Chetan Kumria, Managing Director, Xcell Supply Chain Solutions


Evening Networking Coffee Break


Fire Side Chat:  Advancement & Efficiency vs uncertainty & Confusion: The super trends in the Cold Chain Industry – what this ripple effect can bring?

There is always a great debate when it comes to a big change in the cold chain industry in India, it’s felt by every link along the way, so it can be seen as an opportunity to create efficiencies, increase customer service and satisfaction, and ensure regulatory compliance however, there is a thick slice of uncertainty & scepticism in the form of up-front costs, Viability, implementation and adoption of these trends attached with it, this session will discuss the key trends and their challenges

  • Transparency via AI & IOT on a sneak-peak~ opportunities to track and monitor goods at every stage through the chain, is implementation cost still a barrier?
  • Warehouse Uberization~ is on-demand warehouse could be the new normal in the coming years?
  • Aiding in the efficiency while cutting down costs~ what is the future of co-bots in Indian cold chain industry?
  • IoT, Advanced Analytics, digital transformation, process 4.0 – buzzwords or cold chain blockbuster? How will it impact cold chain industry in India?


Panel Discussion: Turning the cold chain ecosystem hot with the plinth of India’s modern retail

  • Consumers are moving beyond traditional retail stores to the modern supermarkets~ how retailers are tapping this opportunity?
  • A Deep Dive into the Mind of the Gen Z- NextGen millennial’s demand for readymade fresh food, late night bite is already boosting~ how changing lifestyle can impact the cold chain industry?
  • Medicine uberization has become the new normal in India and so are the challenges with it~ what are the strategic initiative that has helped supply chain heads to get this right  the first time, every time!
  • The call of Dairy, Meat, Fishery and hospitality on the transforming cold chain infrastructure
  • E-commerce-based food and beverages delivery market have given a significant boost to cold chain operations- What does the future herald?



  • K Radhakrishnan, CEO, Starquik (TATA Venture) 
  • Dr. K. Rathnam, CEO, Milky Mist  (Former MD AMUL)
  • Ashutosh Taparia, Regional Business Head, Big Basket
  • Nishanth Chandran, Founder & CEO, Tendercuts
  • Udit Gupta, Head of Supply Chain, Chaayos
  • S D Saravana Gughan,  MD & CEO, GThree Hospitality & Food Services (GUGHAN-Supreme South Indian Veg Cuisine)
  • David Hudson, Vice President and General Manager Asia Pacific, Honeywell Voice Solutions


End of Conference

Agenda Day 2


Opening panel Discussion: Modern and Resilient Infrastructure: Backbone for an Integrated end to end Cold Chain

  • Developing the right ecosystem, where do we stand? 
  • Modernization of existing outdated infrastructure in India
  • Facing the challenge of Uneven cold storage distribution mapping the demand and seasonality
  • Need of multi-commodity cold storage- Analysing the Current Gap in India.
  • Improving the design parameters of cold storages
  • End-to-end operational excellence – The roadmap to successful process optimisation
  • Promoting clean and energy efficient cold chain in India
  • Infrastructure to handle temperature sensitive/ perishable products
  • Backward integration- Shifting the focus from building just cold stores to holistic development of integrated cold chain.



  • Rajesh Pednekar, Supply Chain and Operational Excellence Expert, iE, Futurec Group 
  • Varun Sadana, SVP- Supply Chain & Co-Founder, Licious
  • Vaibhav Agarwal, Head of Supply Chain, Fonterra Future Dairy
  • K Udyan Kohli, Head-Supply Chain , Hy Fun Foods
  • Deepanshu Manchanda, Co-Founder, Zappfresh


Interactive Panel Discussion: Brainstorming the key challenges & advancements of Indian cold chain logistics- When time and cost matters the most


Discuss the operationalisation of future technologies within the current logistics and supply chain paradigm – where are we now and what is holding us back? Discover what practical processes you can put in place now to ensure your cold chain logistics is future-proof


  • Within the pharmaceutical industry, the testing, production and movement of drugs relies heavily on controlled and uncompromised transfer of shipments- what are the best practices that helps to minimise any unanticipated exposure to temperature sensitive drugs?
  • Seamless refrigerated transportation- how to have a proactive approach to route-planning without any degree of degradation or damage in TCT?
  • Globalization increases demand for products to be shipped overseas, it also relies on regional transportation as well as local transportation- How Indian TCT is matching with the global standards?
  • Vehicle tracking and temperature-monitoring tech to monitor the temperature of cargos from a smartphone is the need of hour- What are the other advancements in cold chain logistics that will soon hit Indian market?
  • Food transportation’s status in India- Keeping freshness & Health at heart, what are the technological advancements and challenges that Indian CC community has witnessed? 
  • Optimization of last mile and sales which is new frontier in retail supply chain



  • Mihir Mohanta, GM Supply Chain, Mother Dairy
  • Nitin Nagrale, Vice President, Materials and Projects, Foodlink
  • Surendra Deodhar, Vice President - Material Handling, Reliance Life Sciences 
  • Gubba Kiran, CEO, Gubba Cold Storage
  • Yogendra Bhatt, Supply Chain and Operational Excellence Expert


Panel Discussion:  Peering through the looking glass- How will the changing consumer behaviour and consumption pattern will impact the growth story of Indian cold chain?


  • The rising popularity of quick-service restaurants, technological advancements in food packaging, and modern retail trade are driving the processed food application   
  • The lack of cold chain facilities in less-developed economies made retailers to invest heavily in developing own cold chain logistics systems~End User Speaks
  • Growing NexGen demands for ready to eat food will is the next big thing- how retailers are overcoming this challenge?
  • Maintaining a cold chain in retail and to find out handling of selected perishable foodstuffs in store could be another challenge~ how to deal with the future
  • Today’s e-commerce transformation — speed, choice, price, and convenience will lead more of Cold chain demands, this could be the next big retail disruption
  • Modern Healthcare will be the major trend that will drive growth of the Cold Supply Chain in India



  • Satish Rana, Business Head-West Region (Easyday Super Market, Future Group
  • Narasimha Murthy, Head supply chain, METRO Cash & Carry India Private Limited


Networking Lunch Break


Exclusive Session- Meet the Farmers :Showing the two sides of the coin: Role of Cold Chain in life of Indian Farmers( Food & Horticulture) staright from Horse's mouth


Tech Case Study: Blockchain- The new synonym for digital trust in end to end supply chain traceability.

(While the role of blockchain in ensuring integrity of data in a supply chain has already been established, the process can be further strengthened by using IoT and sensors, particularly in cold chains where the time factor becomes critical. With its promise of providing secure and transparent transactions, blockchain is the new synonym for digital trust.)

  • IoT and blockchain for cold chain integrity – practical applications and where next
  • Analyse what IoT and Blockchain really mean in the context of Indian cold chain 

15:20- 15:35

Presentation: Making India an Agricultural and Marine Products Powerhouse in the Global Exports Economy through Cold Chain in Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZ)


Presenter Name- Naidu Adi Kesavulu Reddy, Chairman, NDR Group



Networking Coffee Break


Rap Session: From Thoery to Reality - Where we are and where we can reach?

  • Cold chain theory and evolution
  • Factors Impacting the growth of cold chain
  • Revolutionizing the whole value chain
  • Understanding the game of demand and supply

16:35 HRS

End of Conference